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And That is a Live Tiger On the Sidelines of the Huskies' Practice

The Washington Huskies are almost literally walking into the lion's den this Saturday when they travel to Baton Rouge to play the LSU Tigers in one of the most unfriendly road stadiums in college football.

Washington coach Steve Sarkisian is well aware of the hostile environment his Huskies will face this weekend and has been doing everything he can to prepare them, including piping in extra crowd noise and keeping them extra hydrated for that southern heat.

Today, thanks to A Walk on the Wild Side game preserve in Camby, Ore., Sarkisian was able to replicate the most famous part of the LSU experience - a live tiger.

The News Tribune got some photos of the young feline as the Huskies walked into football practice today. Sheena is 16 months old and weighs 300 pounds.

The players seemed a bit dumbfounded, because really, what else would you think if there was a tiger sitting in a cage in a neighborhood of Seattle?

"It's pretty cool," Erik Kohler said. "I mean, there is a live tiger at our practice."

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