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Seahawks 8th In NFL Salary Cap Room, Per Report

The Seattle Seahawks are eighth in the NFL considering available salary cap space, according to a breakdown by Pro Football Talk. The team has $13.2 million to spend after accounting for their 51 highest-paid players on the current roster.

Pro Football Talk will throw out a final salary cap ranking when the season officially begins. That will be based upon the full 53-man rosters along with injured reserve lists that will be more set in stone by that time.

For perspective, the Jacksonville Jaguars come in first on the list with $28.7 million in wiggle room. They are followed in order by the Chiefs ($26.6 million), Eagles ($20.2 million), Titans ($17 million) and Bengals ($15.2 million).

At the other side of the spectrum, the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions each have the least bit of spending money with only $2.3 million left in cap space. Up in spending with those teams are the Falcons, who have $3.4 million in cap space, the 49ers ($3.5 million) and the Giants ($3.6 million).

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