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Seahawks vs. Rams 3rd quarter score update: Seattle still trails by 6 heading to the 4th

A couple of field goals have the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams going to the fourth quarter the same way that they started the third – with the Rams leading by six. Despite a more efficient offense, the Seahawks couldn't turn that into a score advantage and have one quarter left to make up a 16-10 deficit in St. Louis.

After starting the second half at the Seahawks' 48, the Rams didn't have to go far to get into field-goal range. That is especially true with Zuerlein kicking, so after getting just six yards, the Rams sent Zuerlein out and he nailed a 60-yard field goal to give St. Louis a 16-7 lead.

The Seahawks finally got some offense of their own going halfway through the period, and it started at their own 13-yard line. They methodically moved the ball down the field, eventually getting into the red zone, but their drive stopped there. They had to settle for a field goal and got just three points from their 13-play, 7:15-minute drive that cut the deficit to 16-10.

Seattle's only consistent offense has come on the ground, where they have 144 yards on 28 rushes. Russell Wilson hasn't been able to get much going through the air, completing 13 of 18 passes, but for just 134 yards and with two interceptions.