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Seahawks' owner Paul Allen reacts to crazy Monday Night Football win

Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen reacts to the crazy Monday Night football victory over the Green Bay Packers.

Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As you can imagine, Seahawks owner Paul Allen seemed pretty happy with the result on Monday night where Seattle beat Green Bay on the final play. He didn't go on record and say either way whether he actually believed the pass from Russell Wilson was actually caught by Golden Tate, but his excitement about the finish of the game does shine through. It would make sense for Allen not to comment too much since the owners were the ones mostly responsible for locking out the referees to begin with, but he was clearly fired up about the play.

Allen offered up his comments not only on the ending of Packers vs. Seahawks, but also his location when the Hail Mary was caught, while also discussing the predicament the replacement officials often found themselves in. Here are some of his comments courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews.

“I’ve had some amazing regular season and overtime wins in basketball, but I can’t remember a Seahawks game with that kind of exciting finish to it. I dont know if they’re going to start calling it the Monday Night Miracle or what, but that was just an unbelievable moment and so great for the franchise, for Russell (Wilson) and all the players that fought so hard.”

You can listen to Allen's entire interview with KJR Radio by clicking here and listening to the audio.