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Packers Vs. Seahawks Halftime Recap, Score: Hawks Hold 7-0 Lead

Russell Wilson made the most of a personal foul call and punished the Green Bay Packers with a 41-yard bomb to Golden Tate to take a 7-0 lead at half.

D.J. Smith had the misfortune to retaliate against a late shove by a Seahawks player to pick up the personal foul. Wilson then found Tate for the only points of the half.

At the rate the Seahawks defense is going, that little burst of offense might be all that is needed for the Seahawks to win. The Seattle defense has been stellar, especially the pass rush who has racked up eight sacks of Aaron Rodgers. Defensive end Chris Clemons already has four sacks in the half.

In 2011, the Seahawks season high for sacks was only five.

Rodgers career high for getting sacked in a game is eight, and with the way the Seahawks pass rush has plowed past the Packers offensive line it seems like a new personal record for Rodgers will be set tonight. Rodgers is 12-for-15 but only for 86 yards. The Packers have rushed for 40 yards on four carries, but 16 of those came from a Rodgers scramble.

Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan also clubbed a 73-yard punt to tie for 2nd-longest in franchise history. Ryan also holds the Seahawks record with a 77-yard punt.

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