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Edmonton Oilers Owner, President Scout Key Arena, According To Report

Chris Hansen might have a potential suitor for NHL relocation in the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers appear to be dissatisfied with current management. Our Edmonton SB Nation site The Copper & Blue has more on the situation, which seems to be demanding that the city stand up for a new downtown arena or management will consider relocation once the current lease expires.

Coupled with the stories that are starting to trickle out of Seattle on Monday, naturally some rumors are popping up today about the Oilers potentially flirting with Seattle. According to Dave Mahler at KJR Radio, the team president and owner of the Oilers were in the city on Monday touring Key Arena. Additionally, former Oiler legend Wayne Gretzky is apparently in Seattle and will be visiting with Hansen sometime tonight.

An arena will probably take a few years to develop, but the Oilers are still a few years away from considering relocation. At the very least, it's looking like there is genuine interest in placing an NHL team in Seattle by at least one ownership group.

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