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Seattle NBA, NHL Arena Approved By 6-2 City Council Vote

The Seattle City Council has approved legislation for Chris Hansen's arena plan. The plan will bring a new arena to the city, one that can hopefully bring new suitors for NBA and NHL teams. The final vote was 6-2, with six in favor of moving ahead on the proposal.

The vote will allow for the construction of a $490 million arena near the stadiums of the Seahawks and the Mariners, both of which are currently located in the SoDo district south of downtown. $200 million of public investment will be needed to get the project done.

The King County Council will still have to approve the plan and an environmental review is needed before the arena can move forward. But this thumbs up on the proposal will allow Hansen to proceed in finding either a potential NBA team that's willing to move and replace the Seattle Sonics after they left in the 2008 regular season, or possibly the first-ever NHL team in Seattle's history.

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