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Oregon Vs. Arizona Final Score: Ducks Crush Wildcats, 49-0

Things were going really, really well for the University of Arizona, and then they played Oregon. No. 22 Arizona was having an Oregon-esque run as of late. They were blowing out opponents and 3-0 heading into Saturday's matchup with the Ducks. The No.3 Oregon Ducks could care less. All they know how to do is win by a lot of points. And Oregon did just that by beating 'Zona by a final score of 49-0.

It looked good for the Arizona Wildcats for a while; they were down 10-0 at the half. It was a surprise to many, as most were expecting an offensive explosion from both teams. Oregon didn't want to disappoint the paid attendees at their home stadium. The Ducks came out to score an additional 39 straight points in the second half.

It was a bad night for Arizona's Matt Scott. The quarterback had been a double-threat the past three games. Oregon was ready for him. He was allowed only 212 yards on 23-of-45 attempts and rushed for a minuscule nine yards on five tries.

Box Score Hero: Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota threw for 262 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for 21 yards on five carries.

Rankings Ramifications: This loss will probably drop No. 22 Arizona out of the Top 25. No. 3 Oregon have a perfect 4-0 record, but will likely stay where they are.

But Did They Cover? Oregon were 21-point favorites. The Wildcats didn't come close.

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Next Week's Schedule: Oregon isn't heading too far away from home when they visit Washington State in Seattle. Arizona, probably not a fan of things related to Oregon, will welcome the Oregon Beavers to the desert. The Beavers upset UCLA earlier today.

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