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NFL Picks, Week 3: Peter King 'Tempted' To Pick Seahawks, Goes With Packers By One Instead

Despite sharing that he was "sorely, sorely tempted" to go with the Seattle Seahawks, Sports Illustrated's Peter King went with the Green Bay Packers winning 21-20 in this week's NFL prediction column.

After starting his analysis paragraph with three simple words, "love this game," King goes on to share that expects the 12th Man to bring the noise Monday night:

"...I think the noise of that stadium Monday night (the city's on fire waiting for this game, I'm told) will affect the Packers in their no-huddle operation, and because I think the physical secondary's going to knock around the Green Bay receivers."

Ultimately though, King believes that the Pack attack just has too many weapons for the Seahawks to handle for all 60 minutes of action.

In his other NFC West predictions, King has the Arizona Cardinals registering their first loss of the season to the Eagles, 13-9. He also has the San Francisco 49ers rolling over the Vikings easily with 33-17 win on the road.

But in possibly his most shocking upset of the week, King sees the St. Louis Rams heading into Soldier Field and knocking off the Bears, 23-20, with Chicago lacking Matt Forte.

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