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Golden Tate Fined For Hit On Cowboys' Sean Lee

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The NFL fined Golden Tate on Wednesday for the nasty block he dealt to Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee during Sunday's 27-7 victory by the Seattle Seahawks,'s Ian Rapoport reports. The exact fee Tate will hand over to the league wasn't given, but the league minimum for a blindside hit is $21,000.

Tate made the hit on Lee after Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson took off for a run to the left side of the field. Sitting in the left flat, Tate came back toward the line of scrimmage and laid the lumber on Lee, who didn't appear to see the Seahawks receiver coming. The hit appeared to be below the helmet, but the Dallas linebacker was jolted back violently.

After the game, Tate maintained that he didn't mean to harm Lee and that the block was legal. Lee even said that it was a sound football play, according to NBC's Pro Football Talk, but Dallas owner Jerry Jones was a little more upset.

You can view a video of the play here.

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