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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson's Levi's Commercial

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has already attracted the eye of mainstream advertising firms as the Levi Strauss clothing company recently released a jeans commercial with Wilson as the star of the show.

Make the jump to see the ad for yourself. Or should I say, Go Forth.

This is the latest in Levi's "Go Forth" campaign, making it's debut on Tuesday on YouTube. In the ad Wilson makes his way around the greater Seattle area, making stops at Pike Place Market, getting a working out in and seeing time on the field as well.

Wilson narrates the ad, talking about the importance of his father to his success. He even shares a touching anecdote about the death of his father as well.

"You have to trust in what you believe, you have to trust in who you are. My dad used to always tell me there's a king in every crowd," Wilson says.

You can check out the commercial in full below:

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