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Portland State Vs. Washington 2012: Rebound Victory Over Vikings Pleases UW Dawg Pound

Against a clearly inferior Portland State Vikings team, the Washington Huskies exploded for 52 points, which served as much more than a release for Huskies faithful after a tough loss to LSU.

For the guys over at UW Dawg Pound, a few key players stood out above the rest in the blowout 52-13 victory.

While the score was indicative of the talent differential and the domination by the Huskies, there were two players that stood above the rest in pure physical domination: Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Despite the strong showing, UW Dawg Pound found a few things to be worried about, including a lack of pure domination one might expect in a FCS-FBS matchup. But the showing was strong.

The physical domination was not where I was looking for it however, the running game worked because of [running back] Bishop Sankey's speed, and the defenders being slower to react,not the offensive line pushing the opposing defense back onto their heels. ... I was almost disapointed by the non-physical domination by the offensive line.

As far as defense went, UW Dawg Pound was more than pleased with what they saw.

The defensive front looked solid overall, not allowing the rush game that involved a bulldozer of a quarterback to get major traction. The secondary looked solid aside from Marcus Peters falling for a double move.

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