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Oregon Football All-White Uniforms For 2012 Revealed?

The Oregon Ducks have always been at the forefront of college football fashion, and they've started 2012 no differently. They went with green jerseys and yellow helmets and pants for their first game of the season against Arkansas State, with the yellow helmets an offshoot of their metallic helmets at the Rose Bowl. They went back to that metallic tint for their second game of the season against Fresno State, and also utilized grey helmets.

When Oregon goes on the road, they figure to be mandated to wear white jerseys as part of the road uniform getup. So what will the Ducks choose to wear for this occasion? Check it out after the jump.

Those are pretty sweet-looking, as almost everything Oregon does tends to have that nice little flair. But the all-white uni is a concept the Ducks popularized years ago, and they continue to throw out that combo with a fresher look each time.

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