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Washington Football Adopts Policy Of Not Talking About Injuries

The Washington Huskies football program has banned discussion of injuries by beat reporters and will not allow reporters to talk strategy either.


The Washington Huskies have apparently decided to follow the lead of another Pac-12 team with regards to what information gets revealed from practice. And they're accompanying that message with a whip.

Head coach Steve Sarkisian has informed the local Washington media that he will no longer disclose injuries from practice. Worse, anyone who tweets any potential information regarding strategy or anything of note will be banned from practice. This follows a similar policy put in place by USC head coach Lane Kiffin where a local Los Angeles beat reporter was banned for two weeks after disclosing information.

There are numerous teams throughout the Pac-12 that close practices to the public and do not disclose injuries. Stanford, Oregon, and Washington State have already put in place policies that mirror what Washington and USC have instilled. What is unusual is the draconian fashion with which Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin appear to be applying pressure on their local media. It doesn't seem like a very healthy policy to alienate your own beat reporters, since it could probably lead to them doing actual reporting on the programming that would be less positive.

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