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Fantasy Football 2012: Doug Baldwin And His Teeth Should Stay On The Bench

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin smashed his teeth in (literally) in Week 1, and with it probably smashed his Week 2 fantasy prospects into the ground.

There isn't much of a reason to slot Baldwin into the lineup at all. Golden Tate is working his way back from injury and might possibly play this week. Combine that with both Sidney Rice and Braylon Edwards leading the team in Week 1 with nine targets, and there isn't much upside in playing with Baldwin this week.

And oh yeah, Baldwin literally got his teeth knocked out.

So although he is going to play, he doesn't make for a good Week 2 play. But that isn't to say it is all downhill for Baldwin this early in the 2012 season. Baldwin had six targets in a 20-16 loss against the Cardinals. Granted, he caught only two of those passes for 5 yards, but he almost hauled in a 13-yard pass into the end zone only to have the ball squirt out when he hit the ground.

That would've given Baldwin 3 catches for 18 yards and a touchdown -- nothing to scream about, but more than enough to warrant consideration.

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