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Seahawks Violated CBA By Allowing Terrell Owens To Practice In Pads

The Seahawks have already broken another rule of the new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement - their second this offseason - by allowing or directing free agent signee Terrell Owens to wear his shoulder pads at his first practice earlier this week. You may remember that the Seahawks were also docked two days of OTA practices in June because it was determined that there had been too much contact in an earlier practice.

Both rules - one attempting to limit contact for players during the offseason and the second to allow players to acclimate themselves to a new team for three days prior to going full-pads - are closely related under the new CBA that aims to improve player health and lengthen careers.

According to Mike Sando, as a result of this indiscretion, which the Seahawks have admitted to inadvertently allowing, coach Pete Carroll and the team could face fines under terms of the collective bargaining agreement. "The CBA subjects coaches to fines of $100,000 on the first offense and $250,000 on the second offense," Sando notes."Corresponding fines for teams can be $250,000 or $500,000. The commissioner can impose lower fines, or no fines, if he determines teams acted in good faith or did not commit a material violation of the rules."

These are minor violations, and this fine could possibly cost coach/team more than half a million big ones, but in the big picture, is a speedbump. However, if it's true that they simply weren't aware of the rule, I'd be willing to be a full-time CBA reader and compliance officer for much less than that. If they're looking to save some money next time. I'm just saying. Maybe they don't have time to read this stuff, with all the tape watching. And scouting. And playing football and lifting weights and stuff. Just delegate it me or something? I'm pretty good at reading. My girlfriend is a lawyer.