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PHOTO: Oregon Football Duck Cave

The Oregon Ducks are known for having the most extravagant luxuries out of any of the major college football programs out there. Time for you guys to come face-to-face with the Duck Cave, which you can see after the jump.

We're trying to come up for the reasons this facility exists. Some early theories have sprung to light.

This is Kelly's secret lair where Chip Kelly decodes opposing playbooks: "So that's the defensive alignment Monte Kiffin's going to run on Play 49!"

This is the nexus where they plug in Oregon running backs after games to rejuvenate their bodies and reprogram them for the next contest so they know the best angles to attack.

This is a giant cell phone sonar radar installed inside Eugene to tap into the various Pac-12 colleges to find out everything and anything about every player in every program. They've most likely hired Morgan Freeman and his bow tie to oversee operations. Password to disintegrate the whole operation is probably Lucius Fox.

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