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Olympic Decathlon Results, Day 1: Ashton Eaton The Overwhelming Leader

Portland, Oregon resident and Oregon Ducks track star Ashton Eaton is trying to dominate the decathlon after setting a World Record at the trials a few weeks before the Games, and he's halfway to completing his mission. Eaton started off in the lead by posting the fastest time in the 100 meter dash and leaping the farthest in the long jump, taking a substantial lead. He fell back to the pack in the shot put with the 11th best mark of 14.66.

Eaton returned to form though later in the day. His high jump tied for second overall with 2.05 and kept him well out in front. Then he moved onto the 400 meters (the final event of Day 1 of the Decathlon), and he was on top of this one, finishing with the fastest time of 46.9 seconds. No one else in the competition even hit 47 seconds, so you can see how Eaton piled up a 200+ point lead going into Day 2. It'll be hard to see him losing this one unless he starts blowing events; the former Duck has to feel good about his overall chances at winning this.

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