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Carson Palmer Praises Terrell Owens To Former Coach Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has a lot of connections in the game of football. Decades of coaching at the pro and collegiate level will do that for you. But sometimes those connections pay off big, and Carroll's tie with his former USC quarterback Carson Palmer could dish out big dividends as Palmer played the part of cheerleader for Terrell Owens signing with Seattle.

Carroll called Palmer for his opinion on the 38-year old receiver, and had nothing but high praises for T.O:

"Coach had reached out to me a couple times and you know just knowing coach's style and the way he goes about teaching and leading his team," said Palmer. "I just thought that TO would be a great fit. I had the opportunity to play with TO and really enjoyed playing with him. It was a great relationship and we continued to work out afterwards and didn't have anything negative to say about TO. It was a great relationship. I just let coach know that I thought he would fit in really well with his style and I think that they'll have a lot of success together."

Not only did Palmer and Owens play together with the Cincinnati Bengals, they also trained together during the offseason (and when they both were looking for jobs) in the Los Angeles area. So they certainly have a rapport. As do Palmer and Carroll, much to the delight of Owens and his future in the NFL.

Owens had been working his way back from knee surgery, trying to play football anywhere that would take him. Luckily Carroll gave him a chance, and might not have happened if it wasn't for Palmer.

"He was looking for a job anywhere." Said Palmer. "I know he's worked extremely hard to come back from the injuries he's had over the last couple years and he was looking for a spot anywhere he could go."

Hopefully things will work out well for all parties involved.

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