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Men's High Jump Final: Jamie Nieto Loses Bronze Medal Tiebreaker Again, Falls To 6th

It was Ivan Ukhov of Russia who was the master of the men's high jump. Ukhov ended up with gold after he managed to clear 2.38 meters (about 7-feet, 8-inches). Erik Kynard of the United States cleared 2.33 meters to finish in 2nd place.

And that's where things started getting interesting.

Seattle resident Jamie Nieto had a good shot at getting onto the medal stand, as he did have the same results as everyone else in terms of the overall height he cleared. Unfortunately, the Eastern Michigan grad ended up missing a few more times compared to everyone else, and he ended up falling to 6th place and off the medal stand despite clearing the same height as the co-bronze medalists. Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar, Derek Drouin of Canada and Robert Grabarz of Great Britain (2.29 meters) all ended up in a tie for third that no one could actually settle.

This is the second time Nieto has missed out on bronze in this manner, as he was tied for 3rd in Athens but lost out to Jaroslav Baba of the Czech Republic because of more misses.

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