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Now Pitching: Taijuan "Lannister" Walker

Taijuan sort of sounds like a Game of Thrones name, right? It's sort of like Tyrion or Tywin. I mean, it's really close to Tywin. But it's Taijuan.

If Taijuan "White Walker" Lannister were a real character in the Game of Thrones, I expect that he'd be one of the great ones. He'd be like Robb Stark, a younger leader taking his men into battle with his fierce skills and qualities that you look for in a fantasy-based role-playing character.

But then he'd also be bad-ass and dead like a White Walker. I guess in the book they are called "The Others" but that was already on TV in LOST so they changed it to the White Walkers. I never read the books. People always say, "READ THE BOOKS!" but I'm like, "Uhh, they're making a great TV show. I don't have time for the books right now when they're making a great TV show."

Anyways that was all to distract you to get to the point that Walker is pitching right now. Walker gave up no hits, one walk and one strikeout in the first inning and as I'm writing this, he just gave up a run in the second. He's in trouble, time to turn on that fire and ice he's got in that powerful right arm.

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Walker is Coming