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Bold Prediction From's Don Banks: Seahawks Will Make The Playoffs

Don Banks over at Sports Illustrated has made some bold predictions in his life. Some have come true, others remained false, but they are always most certainly bold.

One of his latest intrepid prognosis is about the Seattle Seahawks, whom he claims will be one the the surprise teams in the NFL this season and will make the playoffs.

Here is what Banks had to say:

With Russell-mania raging out of control early on in the season, the Seahawks will feed off the energy and veteran-like execution of rookie quarterback Russell Wilson and emerge as one of the surprise teams of the year in the NFL. Seattle will compete with San Francisco for supremacy in the NFC West all season, before settling for a wild-card slot. While Wilson will be a huge part of the story, the Seahawks' stout young defense will come to the fore down the stretch.

Seahawks fans might not see this as bold per se, but the rest of the league might. We'll just have to wait and see where the chips fall come the regular season.

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