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Seahawks Roster 2012: Rookies Russell Wilson, Robert Turbin Making Huge Strides

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When rookie quarterback Russell Wilson was named the starter of the Seattle Seahawks, fellow rookie and roommate RB Robert Turbin was no surprised as he and the rest of the team are ready to follow their unsung leader into the 2012 season.

Turbin and Wilson have more of a connection than just a conjoining suite, they share a similar mindset about the game, knowing that dreaming big is crucial:

"We definitely talk," Turbin said. "We talk about a lot of our goals that we have, not only for ourselves, but as a quarterback-running back tandem, and also as a team.

"In order to do great things you've got to dream those things. You've got to make those things a goal. You can never have a goal too big - something that's impossible. He and I believe there's always a possibility. Somehow, some way you can get it done."

Both are poised to make a big impact this season, and are putting in the work to get the job done. But so are the rest of his team, hoping to hold everyone to the same high standard that can lead to extended success on the field.

"He's the first guy in and the last guy out, you know what I mean?" Turbin said. "Sometimes I beat him to the punch. But ever since he's got here, he's acted like a quarterback that's been here for 10 years. He never really acted like a rookie.

"He motivates guys to go to work. We know that as an offense we can depend on him. So in return we want him to be able to depend on us. So we just go out there and try and get the job done."

We'll just have to wait and see how things turn out when the games mean something.

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