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Bryan Bennett Likely To Stay At Oregon, According To Report

Bryan Bennett might not be leaving Oregon after all.. After rumors circulated that Bennett might be considering a transfer, it's starting to look like it's a possibility he'll stick around.

Bennett was considered one of the favorites to land the starting job for the Ducks after the season ended. Some would say he was the prohibitive favorite after some strong performances last season in relief of starting quarterback Darron Thomas. Bennett helped lead Oregon to victories over Arizona State and Colorado without much trouble last season.

But Bennett has struggled this offseason, and was outplayed in the spring game by Marcus Mariota. Mariota apparently kept up his progress during fall camp, and won the starting job a few days ago. Bennett is the de facto backup, but apparently he felt dissatisfied at the thought originally and the original transfer rumors leaked.

It appears Chip Kelly really smoothed Bennett over to the thought of being the next man off the bench.

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