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For Seahawks' Russell Wilson, 'Greed Is Good'

Russell Wilson, who came into Seattle Seahawks training camp as possibly the third-string quarterback behind Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson, will be the starter in Week 1 for head coach Pete Carroll. It's an improbable story for the 5'11 QB that has received national attention, including from National Football Post's Alan Grant.

Grant examined Wilson's background, personality, and his propensity to never be satisfied and strive for more.

In real life, Russell Wilson is what North Carolina State coach Tom O’Brien calls "exceptional."

That’s high praise from a guy who seems committed to overstated stoicism. But O’Brien is correct in this assertion. Wilson is also quite greedy.

Had he given up baseball his senior season at N.C. State, Wilson would have finished his final year as a four year starter—a rarity for any division one quarterback.

But Wilson doesn’t seem the type to give things up. He consumes. He turns a double into a triple, a broken play into a touchdown, and an opportunity to transfer to another school into a spectacular legacy. It’s an oft quoted line from that fictional character, Gordon Gekko, but it applies to Russell Wilson’s real life: "Greed is good."

The Seahawks are hoping that greed turns into production for Wilson in his rookie season.

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