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Seahawks Vs. Chiefs Reaction: Russell Wilson's Performance A Highlight For Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Kansas City Chiefs Friday night, 44-14. Preseason wins and losses don't matter much, but more important than the win was the impressive performance by rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson went 13-for-19 for 185 yards, threw two touchdowns and no interceptions and ran twice for 58 yards.SB Nation's Seattle Seahawks blog Field Gulls has some thoughts and insight on the game, and they highlight Wilson's performance:

Wilson did pretty much everything you could have asked for in his first start, against Kansas City's first team defense - made throws into tight windows from the pocket, led the offense on efficient, point-scoring drives, didn't turn the ball over, extended plays that had broken down, and spread the football around the field and to his different playmakers - his first five passes went to five separate receivers, and 12 Seahawk players caught passes. In terms of the little things - on first glance it's tough to tell if he did a good job of going through progressions and all that, but I did think he worked his cadence well and used the play clock intelligently, and he checked out of a couple of different calls for audibles. Overall, it was certainly a positive performance by Wilson and he's really putting the heat on for this coaching staff to name him the starter.

Head over to Field Gulls for more details on Wilson's night, as well as takes on the rest of the Seahawks.

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