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Russell Wilson Gets First Start Friday: Mike Mayock Offers Take

Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson will be getting his first preseason start Friday against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the move is garnering attention from around the NFL. Mike Mayock of examined Pete Carroll's decision to give Wilson the starting opportunity today. He is a Russell Wilson fan, and knows that Carroll is not a coach to shy away from taking a risk. Mayock's anaylsis:

I loved Russell Wilson coming out of the draft, but thought he was a year away. But the great thing for him is that Pete Carroll is an outside-the-box thinker. He doesn't care how old his players are, how tall they are, or whatever else. He just wants players to help him win football games for the Seattle Seahawks.

If I'm playing a pick-up hoops game and want to keep the court, I'll take Russell Wilson on my team. He's just a natural winner. I'm intrigued to watch him start Friday night against the Chiefs.

High praise for the Seattle rookie. Looks like more than just Seahawks fans and coaches will be watching with a careful eye as Wilson makes his first start tonight.

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