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NFL Coach Power Rankings: Where Is Seahawks' Pete Carroll On The List?

Gregg Rosenthal and the folks over at have thrown out the archaic head coach power rankings of old, applying a new system that is not about the resume, but instead "who we'd want leading our team and building a staff right now if we owned a team."

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll didn't leave too much of a mark apparently, finding himself in the "middle of the pack" section of the rankings along with guys like Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Here is Rosenthal with the commentary:

"Carroll is 47-49 in the NFL over six seasons and three jobs, although we do believe he's better now than ever"

If his Seahawks have a big season in 2012, Carroll could certainly shoot up the power rankings, but for now he's right in the middle.

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