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NBA In Seattle: Sacramento Kings Could Move To Virginia Beach, According To Report

According to a report from the Hampton Roads Business Journal the Sacramento Kings are in talks about a possible relocation to Virginia Beach, VA, meaning they could leave the Seattle area out in the cold.

Meetings have reportedly been scheduled in Virginia Beach on Tuesday to discuss moving the team to the Old Dominion State. Media giant Comcast will help to build and lease out the new sports arena, according to the report, and will guarantee a 25-year lease on a new arena, apparently for naming and broadcasting rights. An announcement of the move could come as soon as Aug. 29.

There have been some conflicting reports though as Kings part-owner Joe Maloof told CBS Sacramento "We haven't talked to Virginia Beach," while a team spokesman noted the team will not comment "on every rumor" nor would they discuss what cities they are in talks with, meaning Seattle could still be in the running to land the Kings.

The Maloof family and the city of Sacramento could not agree on a proposed $391 million entertainment complex a few months back, leaving the family to look elsewhere for a home for the Kings.

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