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VIDEO: Pete Carroll Asks Rob Riggle Whether He's A Chief Or A Seahawk

It is a simple question really. Are you a Seattle Seahawks guy or a Kansas City Chiefs guy? That is what comedian/actor Rob Riggle must decide as he is trolled online by head coach Pete Carroll.

As the Seahawks prepare to take on the Chiefs at Arrowhead stadium this week, coach Carroll takes some time out of his busy day to talk a little smack.

Here it begins, with coach sitting is what appears to be his office desk making a viral video:

And here it ends. You really don't have to look much further than the beat up Chiefs hat:

Rob Riggle on WhoSay

Yes, he did say ain't.

You can always have a team to root for, but there is only one team that's your hometown squad. Sorry coach, but its KC for Mr. Riggle.

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