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Russell Wilson Reaction: Seahawks Rookie QB Has Shined In Preseason

The Seahawks are looking to solidify the quarterback position in Seattle for both this season and far beyond. They added an intriguing option at the 2012 NFL Draft when they selected Russell Wilson out of Wisconsin, providing the team with yet another option as a play caller.

A lot has been said about head coach Pete Carroll since he decided to make Wilson his starter for Friday's preseason game with the Chiefs. SB Nation Seattle detailed why starting Wilson isn't that bad of an idea and makes some sense.

Our Seahawks blog, Field Gulls, recently took a look at all of the rookies playing this summer and ranked them on their performances thus far. Here is part of what they've taken away from Wilson:

At first glance, Wilson seemingly picked right up where he left off in PS Week 1, again buying time with his feet, escaping pressure, utilizing play-action and exhibiting good accuracy. On second look, he showed us a little bit more this time around. What I liked about his performance this week, was that he actually stayed in the pocket and made some throws that indicated he could see the field just fine.


I had said after last week that I needed to see some accuracy from Wilson, from inside the pocket, to get a better indication as to whether he could see from back there or not, and I saw that on a number of occasions this week. Let's also not forget the touchdown pass to Cooper Helfet in the fourth quarter. Here, Wilson again utilized play action, pulled linebackers and safeties forward with his eyes, and then softly dropped a corner-endzone pass into the hands of Helfet who got a great release, by the way, and ran a really nice corner post. Again, he wasn't outside the pocket here.

It has been a very interesting offseason in Seattle and things are only going to heat up as the regular season gets closer. All eyes will be on Wilson this Friday night, and if he continues to impress then he is going to give the coaching staff something to think about as they begin their preparations for week one.

For more on the Seahawks, head over to Field Gulls and get in on the discussion.