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Felix Hernandez Promises He Isn't Leaving Seattle

Every trading deadline and off-season since as far as a fanbase can remember, the national media picks up the story that the Mariners should trade Felix Hernandez for players A, for reason B, all because of reason C.

It is a fair concern, that one of the top pitchers in all of baseball will walk after his contract is done and head to the Yankees or the Dodgers or a team that is prepared to pay him the $30 million a year he deserves.

Thing is in all of this, King Felix has only expressed his like of Seattle and desire to stay around. This morning on the radio, he promised he isn't going anywhere.

Full audio after the jump.

Granted, to ensure that this promise happens - the Mariners need to extend King Felix this winter. It isn't that Hernandez isn't a trustworthy guy - but c'mon - this is baseball. Moods and circumstances change all the time. But for now, it is good to hear, and a reminder to every other team out there - Felix is ours and you can't have him!