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Seahawks' Russell Wilson To Start At Quarterback Vs. Chiefs

Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson will start at quarterback in the team's upcoming preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday, as ESPN's Adam Schefter reports. Wilson is competing for the team's starting quarterback gig, and this seems to confirm that the rookie is firmly in the mix.

During the offseason, the Seahawks acquired a pair of new quarterbacks in Wilson and former Packers signal-caller Matt Flynn. The general expectation was that Flynn would be the starter, but Wilson has emerged during the preseason with some impressive play. Over at Field Gulls, SB Nation's Seahawks blog, they explain the decision:

At the end of the day, this isn't just some capricious and whimsical decision by the coaching staff. It's a calculated move - some say it is risky, yes, but I don't think Pete Carroll sees it that way - and that's all part of this unconventional yet methodical competition.

It's hard to imagine a rookie drafted in the third round being named starter for the season opener, but Wilson has outplayed Flynn so far and he was excellent in his senior year at Wisconsin. If he can get past the height issues (he stands just 5-foot-11) and keep thriving, it may be hard for Pete Carroll to hand the reins over to Flynn.

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