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Alex Morgan Fans Create Music Video In Hopes Of A Tweet

Here's something you might know about Alex Morgan: She's a very popular athlete. The Seattle Sounders star is particularly popular among the male population. She is even more popular with fans of the United States women's national soccer team, particularly after her game-winning goal lifted the United States over Canada and eventually helped bring the USA another gold medal.

And when all of those intersect, you get something as sweet and as harmless as "Tweet Me Maybe", which is a play off the popular "Call Me Maybe" song that has already inspired plenty of videos. Thanks to Amy Rolph of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for pointing this one out to us. Watch the video after the jump.

Okay, maybe not harmless. This isn't the greatest music video in the world. But it's nice to see something free of cynicism hit the Internet. All these boys want is one little Tweet. Is it possible that Alex can make their dreams come true, or will they always be searching for that elusive prize.