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PHOTO: Felix Hernandez And Where The Wild Things Are

It has been two days since Felix Hernandez's perfect game, but Mariners fans are still soaking it all in. Quotes from the night are being remembered, videos from the night are being watched and photos are being saved and edited by savvy photoshoppers. See one of the more creative photos after the jump.


(h/t: Jeff Evans)

One of the coolest aspects of King Felix's feat was the amount of attention it brought to the Seattle Mariners in terms of national sports coverage. This photo came from ESPN's Pardon the Interruption.

Every single national sports website, SB Nation, ESPN, FOX Sports, Yahoo! Sports, and others, all plastered Felix as their lead news story.

Mariners fans are not used to seeing their team being praised on the national sports scene. Even when the team found success, being stuck in the Northwest corner of the United States prevented national news outlets and others to this day from giving the team its due credit. It's refreshing to see Felix get the attention his deserves despite being a member of the Seattle Mariners.

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