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[VIDEO] Mariners Double-A Jackson Generals React To Felix Hernandez Perfect Game

When you throw a perfect game, the ripples of your efforts are felt throughout the organization. Even all the way down to the lowest level of talent on the farm.

Enter the Jackson Generals, the Seattle Mariners Double-A affiliate, who were watching along with the rest of us as King Felix made history. What ensued was an awesome display of camaraderie as the team celebrated in the outfield at Pringles Park in Jackson, Tennessee like they were at Safeco with the M's in Seattle.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

Via the Jackson Baseball Club's YouTube page:

Not only that, Felix's brother, Moises, plays for the Generals, and was amongst the players in the outfielder basking in Felix's (and the Mariners) glory. An epic day for the Hernandez family, the Mariners, and even the Generals indeed.

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