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Pete Carroll On The Seahawks' Quarterback Competition

By most measures, both Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson played well in Saturday's exhibition win against the Tennessee Titans. Flynn went 11 for 13 for 79 yards and a pick, and Russell went 12 for 16, with a touchdown and an interception. The only passes that missed their target all night from Flynn were (1) an errant pass to Anthony McCoy and (2) an interception where linebacker Colin McCarthy dropped back into zone coverage at the last second to take away the throwing lane. Wilson's only miscues were (1) an interception in the endzone that he underthrew, (2) a pass that was batted away from Kris Durham, or maybe just dropped (3) a dropped pass on 3rd down by Anthony Mccoy (4) and a smart throwaway pass to the sideline in the face of pressure. Overall, not terrible, considering, and though both players would obviously love to have their intercepted throws back, they're coachable mistakes.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll joined 710ESPN's Brock and Salk show this morning to talk about the game, and his two quarterbacks. Because, apparently people are interested in this little battle/competition. Listen for yourself after the jump.

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