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Hope Solo Is Ready To Tell Everyone Her Story With Book Release

She's the defining member of the recent U.S. women's soccer team's success. She has a name that pretty much guaranteed that she would become a star. And she just won a gold medal at the London Olympics.

She is Hope Solo and her life is pretty awesome.

At least, now it is.

But the Seattle Sounders star wants to let everyone know her complete story in her memoir, "SOLO: a Memoir of Hope", which will be released on Tuesday.

The Solo story is a long, arduous tale that includes the death of her father before the 2007 World Cup and years of her own erratic, self-destructive behavior.

She also speaks on the 2011 World Cup and her appearance on "Dancing With The Stars", among other topics. With the Olympics behind her, Solo is about to embark on a completely different journey -- and she's bringing everyone else along for the ride.

"We felt like a team," Solo said after the Olympic final. "Everybody felt like they could contribute. Everybody. ...Honestly, it's the first time in my athletic career that I felt like it was a true team."