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Oregon Football: Ducks Predicted To Win 10.5 Games

The Oregon Ducks may not be the Pac-12 favorites anymore, but they should at least cover their seasonal spread.

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According to Pinnacle Sports, the Oregon Ducks football team is predicted to win over 10.5 games this season.

The defending Pac-12 champions are in an uphill battle within the national discussion as the USC Trojans have assumed the top spot among those predicting the finish in the Pac-12 as well as nationally.

Pac-12 and national title discussion aside, the Ducks are in line to help those who side with this bet to cash in as 11 wins is not out of reach for this squad. Favored in every game except for what could be a close one against the vaunted Trojans.

The Ducks have a lot to improve upon due to the loss of players important to their past success but recruits and bigger roles for others should allow the Ducks to find a groove before midseason and finish off with the number needed to make Pinnacle look like prophets.

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