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Matt Flynn Joins Softy & Hugh Millen To Discuss QB Competition, Terrell Owens

It's been an exciting start to Seattle Seahawks training camp, and quarterback Matt Flynn has been getting in a lot of reps so far. Flynn went on with Softy & Hugh Millen on KJR in Seattle to discuss how camp has been going for him, how he feels the quarterback competition is, and how he feels about Terrell Owens becoming a Seahawk.

On if he'd like more reps in practice:

"No, you can't do that to yourself. If you start thinking about stuff like that and thinking about stuff that you can't control, then that's when you start falling into traps and you start not performing well on the field. So we all know the situation that we're competing, and any one of us quarterbacks is gonna say, ‘Yeah, we'd like some more reps,' but we know that it's a competition. So it's not our job to control the amount of reps. It's just our job to go in there and perform when we do get them."

On how he found out Terrell Owens was working out for the team:

"I got a call from a buddy of mine back home, who saw a rumor of it and was like, ‘Hey, you might have T.O. coming up there.' It was our off day when he came up here so I came up here and met him, talked to him a little bit right after his workout. You hear people say different things about different guys, but I came up here and met him, had a great conversation with him. He seemed like an extremely nice guy, guy that wanted to get to work and was excited just to have the opportunity. And really told me that he just wants to be a part of something special."

On Owens in practice thus far:

"He's very smooth. He's been one of the best in the league for a long time, and for a good reason. He's very smooth, he's obviously a physical specimen. Big guy, big hands, big strong hands. And he got out there the first day and ran some some routes that aren't easy to just get out there and run your first day and haven't run them in a while. Ran them smoothly. I could read him out of his break, so it was good."

- - -

It's going to be a tight race for the No. 1 spot on the QB depth chart, but the Seahawks didn't bring Flynn in for nothing. And with a veteran receiver like Owens to give him advice, he could very well be the starter come opening day.

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