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2012 Home Run Derby: Lineups Balance New And Old

The 2012 Home Run Derby might be termed young versus old even though none of the participants have been in more than four home run derbies.

The American League features a newbie (Mark Trumbo, 1st derby), returnees (Jose Bautista, Robinson Cano, 2nd derbies) and the old man of the bunch (Prince Fielder, 4th derby).

The National League features three first-timers (Carlos Beltran, Andrew McCutchen, Carlos Gonzalez) and a returnee (Matt Kemp, 2nd derby).

Beltran has the most career home runs (322) followed by Fielder (243) and Bautista (183). Bautista has the most home runs through July 5 with 27. Cano, Trumbo and Beltran all follow with 20 apiece.

It would seem like the AL would have the advantage with experience and current season production, but the Home Run Derby is hardly ever predictable, plus Kauffman Stadium is historically difficult to hit home runs.

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