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Mariners Broadcaster Dave Sims Releases Line Of Hats

Seattle Mariners play-by-play announcer Dave Sims recently released a line of hats dubbed, "D.Sims, The Collection." Known by fans for his frequent hat-wearing tendencies in the booth, Sims' hats became a cult favorite and eventually led to a 2010 "Dave Sims Hat Night" promotion at Safeco Field.

Designed by Sims' son, Jarett, the hats are priced anywhere from $104 to $165. Hats can be purchased at the company's official website,

See a picture of the "Pop Sims" hat from the Spring/Summer collection after the jump.


"Pop Sims" hat (via:

Sims has a brand ambassador program in place that will allow 10% of the company's profits to be redirected towards charitable causes.

No doubt, this endeavor must be an enriching side project for Sims. Hopefully he will find success in selling these hats not just to Mariners fans, but to any man or woman who wishes to spruce up their style.

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