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Brandon League Traded To Dodgers, Seattle Mariners Acquire Two Prospects

The Seattle Mariners have finally dealt Brandon League after the rumors started surfacing a few days ago. The trade was announced by the Mariners organization just a little while ago, and it ends up sending League to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two prospects. The Mariners have now completed a cycle that started with drafting Brandon Morrow, who turned into League in a trade, who now turns into prospects.

League has an ERA of 3.71 with a record of 17-26 with 275 strikeouts and 54 walks. The two prospects the Mariners receive are outfielder Leon Landry and right handed pitcher Logan Bawcom. Landry is batting .328 when he was at Rancho Cucamonga at the Dodgers A+ affiliate. Bawcom has appeared in 27 games with the Chattanooga Lookouts and posted a 2.60 ERA overall.

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