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London Olympics 2012: Michael Phelps Makes Semifinals In 200-Meter Butterfly

As Michael Phelps continues to fight against the shadow of his legendary 2008 Olympic performance, he's just focused on moving on to each round of his events.

So even though he only finished with the fifth-fastest qualifying time in the prelims of the 200-meter butterfly on Monday, Phelps will be in the next round looking to defend his gold medal.

Phelps finished third in his heat after leading for much of the way, finishing behind Dinko Jukic of Austria and U.S. teammate Tyler Clary with a time of 1:55.53.

It's been an interesting start to the Olympics for Phelps as he's already finished fourth in the 400 individual medley and had to watch as his team squandered a late lead in the 4-x-100 relay to finish with the silver medal.

The semifinals for the 200-meter butterfly are Monday evening.

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