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Hope Solo, Brandi Chastain Catfight?

The United States women's national soccer team beat Colombia 3-0 to earn a spot in the women's quarterfinal. However, that isn't the biggest bit of news from today's match.

Apparently, Brandi Chastain (who you remember as the penalty kick shooter who took that shirt off to win the 1999 World Cup) had some comments during the broadcast (or afterward, or sometime) that were critical of the United States goalkeeping. It's hard to see anyone not appreciating Solo's performance today, because the USA dominated possession and didn't really have to worry about defending the goal all that much. Colombia had one shot on goal for pretty much the entire game.

It appears Solo was unappreciative of Chastain's comments. After the jump, you can view the tweets she made after today's game that were critical of what Brandi had to say.

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