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Is Matt Flynn Seattle's Next Sports Superstar?

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Sports fans in Seattle are eagerly awaiting football season as the lowly Mariners drudge through the second half of their baseball season. The local sports news cycle is predictably slow, causing writers to dig deep and find new topics to explore. One of these topics is the question of which Seattle athlete will emerge as the city's next superstar.

Jerry Brewer first posed the question of who the next Seattle sports superstar in mid-July with his column titled, "Seattle badly needs a superstar." After Seattle's last true superstar was traded to the New York Yankees earlier this week, 710 ESPN's Jim Moore is also pondering which Seattle athlete will become the city's next superstar.

King Felix is the obvious candidate, and both Brewer and Moore admit that in their columns, but after that, the conversation gets muddy. Moore is not afraid of the backlash he'll get and says that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn is the No. 2 candidate behind Felix to breakout as the city's next star. Read an excerpt of Moore's reasoning after the jump.

It's risky to put this guy at No. 2 on the list when he might not even be the No. 1 quarterback for the Seahawks -- but what the heck, it's not like I've never been wrong before.

Besides, Flynn projects as a superstar based on his two NFL starts, including a Green Bay-record 480-yard, six-touchdown performance against Detroit last January.

I'm pulling for him for other reasons that have nothing to do with football - his fiancée is hot. (Via: Seattle PI)