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NHL Bellevue Arena Talks Surface, Chicago Investor Wants Team In Seattle Area

A Seattle Times report published on Thursday night confirms some of the rumors concerning the potential building of an NHL arena in Bellevue. Don Levin, a Chicago-based investor, currently owns a minor league hockey team and wants to own an NHL team in the Seattle-area.

Levin is pledging $100 million towards the potential project, but his wish to build an arena in Bellevue conflicts with Chris Hansen's proposed NBA and NHL arena in the SODO district in Seattle. Levin told the Seattle Times that he is not limiting his discussions with Bellevue and is open to "teaming up with anybody," including Hansen.

At this point of the game, those concerned with the arena news should not let these rumblings confuse the current dialogue. Hansen's plan is miles ahead of a plan to build an NHL arena in Bellevue, and even Levin could potentially house an NHL team in the SODO arena. Or, as the Seattle Times report indicates, Hansen could bring an NBA team to Seattle and have them play in a Bellevue arena.

The owner of an NBA team in Seattle could partner with Levin on a possible arena as well or could be a tenant in Levin's arena.

"I would look for a person to bring a basketball team to the building and work with them anyway I could to get that done," Levin said.

Levin says he's certain of one thing: An arena deal will happen in a market he thinks deserves it. (Via: Seattle TImes)