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Chip Kelly On Penn State: 'Ask the Families If It’s Unfair What Happened to Them'

Just about everyone has an opinion on the tragedy that has become Penn State University. One such person is Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelley, who had some very interesting things to say about the sanctions dropped on them by the NCAA on KJR in Seattle with Dave Mahler.

What was your take on the Penn State scandal?:

"I didn't look at anything that's gone on at Penn State as a college football person or a college football fan. I just looked at it as a tragedy. I don't think it's a football thing. It's something that even when you hear about it, and the sanctions and those other things, they still don't resonate with me. What resonates with me is the heinous crime that went on that affected kids. We play a game and I still think about the families and the kids that are involved."

Were the NCAA sanctions unfair?:

"Ask the families if it's unfair what happened to them. Again, I don't think it's a football issue. It's a bigger-than-that issue."

Kelly knows that this is a hot-button topic, maybe the most poignant topic of discussion in all of American sports at the moment. He understands that football is just a game, not a person's religion or reason for living, and there always is something bigger at work, for the good or the bad. Well said Mr. Kelly.

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