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London Olympics 2012: Women's Soccer TV Times, How To Watch Online

As the 2012 Olympic games is just days away from it's opening ceremonies in London, the action is already getting underway with the start of women's soccer on Wednesday morning. There are a number of exciting first-round matches going on, and a number of different ways that you can enjoy take them all in.

Great Britian and New Zeland get things started at 8 am PT, while Japan and Canada get it on afterward at 8:50. The United States women's soccer team will take on France at 9 a.m. PT on NBC Sports Network, while Cameroon Brazil at 10:45. Sweeden takes on South Africa at 11:09, while Columbia and North Korea lock horns at 11:45.


Women's Group E: Great Britain vs. New Zealand


Women's Group F: Japan vs. Canada


Women's Group G: United States vs. France


Women's Group E: Cameroon vs. Brazil


Women's Group F: Sweden vs. South Africa


Women's Group G: Colombia vs. North Korea

All games can be viewed on either MSNBC or NBC Sports Network, or can be streamed online at

Full viewing guide can be found here.

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