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USA Boxing: Queen Underwood Is Confident Heading Into Olympics

Seattle native Queen Underwood carries herself with a confidence befitting a 28-year-old boxer.

Underwood will need that confidence as she embarks on the inaugural journey through women’s Olympic boxing as there will be three women’s events this year (fly, middle and light) to accompany the 10 men’s boxing events for the first time in Olympic history.

“I love the attention from a crowd, all eyes on you,” said Underwood on the Team USA website. “Being in the spotlight for the four rounds or less.”

At 5-foot-5 and 132 pounds, Underwood has built a strong enough resume to represent her country in the Olympics after starting to box in 2003. She has already accumulated a 2009 Continental Championship and is a three-time Light Welterweight Champion and a two-time Lightweight National Champion.

The round of 16 will be held on Aug. 5, followed by the quarterfinals on Aug. 6, semifinals on Aug. 8 and finals on Aug. 8.

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